1. Local Government Act, 1976 (Act 171)

 Provide Public services which are efficient and effective :

  •     Solid Waste Management
  •     Cleaning up and Beautifying The Area
  •     Maintenance of Drainage
  •     Road Construction And Maintenance
  •     Public Building Maintenance
  •     Public Places Maintenance
  •     Public Health Control And Protection
  •     Cemetery Maintenance

 Manage and Control All Financial Allocation Received :

  •     Assessment Tax
  •     Licence Fee and Fines
  •     Launching Grant
  •     Yearly Grant Using Balancing Method
  •     Development Project Grant
  •     Road Maintenance Grant

  Development Project Implementation at Local Level:

  •     Housing
  •     Trade & Industry
  •     Recreation Facilities
  •     Town Infrastructure

2. Town And Rural Planning Act (Act 172)

Assume the role as the Local Planning Authority For The Areas Under Its Administration.:

  •     Arrange, control and plan development and reuse of land and building in its area. .

3. Building, Road and Drainage Act, 1974 (Act 133)

  • To approve Building Plan
  •  Control to ensure land works being carried out comply with requirements as stipulated.
  •  To ensure construction of any building is in accordance with the plan that has been approved.
  •  To ensure the use of any building is as approved by the Local Authority.
  • To control the use of flammable items when constructing any building.
  •  Provide infrastructure for any development.

4.  Road Transport Act 1987  – Order (Car Parks)