Ketereh District Council was formerly known as Kota Bharu District Council. Ketereh District Council is a State Statutory Body formed officially on 1 January 1979 also 2 Safar 1399, arising from the restructuring of all Local Authorities in Kelantan under Act 171, Local Government Act. Ketereh District Council covers an area of 146 square km encompassing areas within Ketereh District, Peringat District, Kadok District, Mukim Salor (Salor District), Mukim Pendek (Pendek District) and Mukim Badak Mati (Banggu District). Ketereh District Council Administration Centre is located in Pekan Ketereh which is 20 km south of Kota Bharu Town centre. The new area of 49.04 square km which covers the entire Salor District, Beta District and Mukim Lembu as well as part of Mukim Tiong (Pendek District) has been gazetted. 

Ketereh Territory Council Location

Peta Kawasan Pentadbiran Majlis Daerah Ketereh