Ketereh Territory Council Location


Ketereh District Council was formed on 1st January 1979 arising from the combination of three (3) Local Councils under the restructuring program of Local Authorities in accordance with Local Government Act, Act 171/1976. Three Local Councils involved with the restructuring were as follows:-

a)Pangkal Kalong Local Council.
b)Kadok Local Council.
c)Peringat Local Council.

Location of Ketereh District Council

Location of Ketereh District Council

Area Extent

The area of Ketereh District Council as gazetted encompasses :

  •     Entire Pangkal Kalong District (now Ketereh District).
  •     Entire Kadok District.
  •     Entire Peringat District.
  •     Mukim Pendek (part of Pendek District), Mukim Salor (part of Salor District) and Mukim Badak Mati (part of Banggu District).

The whole area of Ketereh  District Council is 156 square kilometer. The position of Kota Bharu District Council is bordered with other District Councils as follows: -

  •     North – bordered with Kota Bharu Town Council (Kg. Tunjong).
  •     South – bordered with Machang District Council (Desa Pahlawan Camp, Kok Lanas).
  •     East -   bordered with Bachok District Council (Kedai Pauh Lima).
  •     West – bordered with Pasir Mas District Council (Salor Police Station).