1. Municipal circular num. 6 year 1995

  •  Condition and procedure Treasury Malaysia Loan Housing

2. Municipal circular num. 4 year 1995

  • Allowance claims rate and condition, facility and payment of civil service officer because change or move house.

3.Treasury circular num. 6 year 2002

  • Rule on uniform supply of office staff.

4. Treasury circular numyear 2003

  • Condition rate allowance claims, facility and payments to civil service officer because carry out our task (does not include soldier and policeman).

5. Municipal circular num. 8 year 2004

  • Financial management and account establishment of committees in Federal Government agency.

6. Treasury circular num 2 year2006

  • Circular amendment municipal num.3 year 2003 and treasury circular num.4 year 2004 on journey of vehicle allowance.

7.Service circular number 16 year 2007

  • Real incentive rate amendment housing.

8.Service circular number 15 year 2007

  • Explanation on facility grant and ceremonial dress implementation, payment help clothes black tie and payment attend official ceremony.

9.Service circular number 11 year 2007

  • Give service fee rise of appointment officer byContract For Service

10.Service circular number 3 year 2007

  • Business delegation of power placement and exchanging officers use same federal.